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  • Summer Sermon Series

    Join us this summer on Sunday mornings at 9 or 10:30 as we wrestle honestly with doubts within the community of faith.

    June 6:   Series Intro - Questioning Christianity

    June 13: Religion: Is It Worth the Trouble?

    June 20: Diversity: Is Christianity Just a White Man's Religion?

    June 27: Exclusivity: Could There Possibly Be Only One Way?

    July 4:     Morality: Who Gets to Decide?

    July 11:   Violence: Is Religion the Culprit?

    July 18:   The Bible: Can You Take It Seriously?

    July 25:   Christianity and Science: Can They Coexist?

    Aug 1:     Women: Is Christianity Misogynistic?

    Aug 8:     Sexuality: Can't Christians Just Accept That Love Is Love?

    Aug 15:   Slavery: Is Christianity Part of the Problem?

    Aug 22:   Suffering: Does Christianity Have Good Answers?

    Aug 29:   Hell: Is Eternal Judgment Compatible with a Loving God?

  • Summer Book Club

    Questioning Christianity will be the focused theme of our summer sermon series, tackling the overarching questions, "Is Christianity good and is Christianity true?" You are invited to join us for our summer book club that will guide us through deeper exploration into relevant questions our culture is asking today, including, "How can you say there is only one true faith? Isn't Christianity homophobic? Hasn't science disproved Christianity? How could a loving God allow so much suffering?" Rebecca McLaughlin's book, Confronting Christianity, is divided in 12 chapters. We will read one chapter a week throughout the summer and gather once a month for a shared meal and a time of rich fellowship and deep discussion. If you are interested in participating, please register here. Participants will receive weekly emails including discussion questions, scripture to reflect on, and opportunities for application. We will also have a Facebook group that will serve as our platform to converse with, challenge, and encourage one another. Consider inviting friends and neighbors to join too! All are welcome.

  • Women's Ministry Bible Study, Spring/Summer

    Ladies, please join us as we continue our study of God's word this summer. There are several opportunities that are either in progress but open for anyone to join in, and others that will be starting up in June. Click Here for more details.

  • Church Center App

    As we come back to CCC for in-person worship services, we will be checking in everyone and producing nametags. You are able to expedite this system by downloading the Church Center App. It is free and makes checking in very easy. You can even check in before you get to the building. You will be provided a QR code that you can scan at the check-in station and it will produce your nametags. You can even donate to CCC through the app.

  • New Podcast Episode!

    Click here to listen to the latest podcast from Christ Community Church.

  • Volunteers for Kids Ministry Needed

    We are always looking for volunteers to help with our Kids Ministry classes. If you are comfortable, willing, and able to volunteer we want to invite you to join with us to care for the parents and kids at Christ Community. Working with the kids of Christ Community provides an opportunity to come alongside our church family and worship alongside our youngest members. Sign up to volunteer, Click Here.

  • Community Men

    For Men's News and Bible Study opportunities Click Here

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