Equip Classes

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January 12 - March 1

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  • Kids Equip - please register your children ages 4 mo. - 5th Grade

    Join us for a purposeful interactive hour each Sunday at 9 am! With a fresh blend of playful learning techniques and rote memorization, kids will recite the New City Catechism, memorize a passage of scripture, pray with their small group, and sing in Kids Choir. Our trained teachers will be a huge blessing to your kids and to you! Please be sure to sign up your kids at the provided link.

  • Teens, Culture, and Faith (no registration required)

    Teens, Culture, and Faith aims to engage teenagers with issues relevant to their biggest questions, struggles, and concerns. Our goal is to go deeper in seeing how Jesus Christ, and his life, death, and resurrection apply to particular issues of daily teen life. This year we'll be discussing comparative religions to see the uniqueness of Christ and His claims. Our class seeks to make mature disciples by providing students with a solid foundation of confidence in scripture's ability to speak to the most challenging and pressing issues of day to day life.

  • Field Experience: Kids Equip

    Class Leader: Kids Equip Team

    Looking for a way to practically live out everything we've been learning in Equip classes? Sign up for Field Experience, a series of classes that offer ways for you to serve others and apply what you've learned in other classes. In this session, you will join our dedicated, enthusiastic Kids Ministry Team and watch how the Lord is at work through his truth and his people. For 7 Sundays in a row, you will gain valuable experience in assisting our children learn catechism, sing songs, and hear Bible stories. Your heart will be full after serving our kids and seeing how God is working in their hearts!

  • Field Experience: Welcome Team

    This is a great opportunity to see what goes into hospitality here at Christ Community! We'll work on a few exciting projects that will make visitors feel more welcome and help them get connected quicker. This will be a great way to apply what you've learned in other Equip classes about outreach, evangelism, and the heart of the Gospel. We'll also take time each week to pray over visitors and greet them as they come through our doors. Sign up to be a part of this amazing team for eight weeks!

  • Discover Christ Community

    Class Leader: Dave Barfield

    For those interested in knowing more about our Church, we'd like to invite you to join us as we go through our core beliefs and distinctives. You'll get a chance to ask questions, get to know our elders and ministry leaders, and learn how you can get plugged into our church. This class is also designed to serve as a step toward membership to become part of our covenant family. It's an informal, relaxed venue to meet others and enjoy talking about what God is doing here at Christ Community.

  • The Whole Christ

    Class Leader: Greg Borgard

    How do grace and works relate to each other in our salvation? What does it really mean to be "in Christ?" How have our legalistic hearts corrupted our view of the gospel? Can we offer the gospel to anyone, or only the "elect?" And how does a dispute in Scotland in 1717 help us answer these questions today? Come find out as we study Sinclair Ferguson's excellent book.

  • Unless Your Righteousness... A Disciple's Journey Through the Sermon on the Mountainside

    Class Leader: Bassam Nader

    Jesus says to "go and make disciples" and to "teach them to obey all that I have commanded" (Matthew 28:18-19). Further, Jesus wants disciples who "seek God's kingdom and His righteousness..." Through Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount, this class will examine His teachings about genuine discipleship and God-centered righteousness, in contrast with that of superficial and human-centered religiosity, and will explore practical applications to the lives of Jesus' followers in these modern times. The leader will rely on various resources, including Dr. Sinclair Ferguson's "Sermon on the Mount" teaching series.

  • The Restless Hearts Club: Augustine on Self, Society, and the Spirit

    Class Leaders: Brian and Sarah Morgan Smith

    Augustine of Hippo opens his Confessions by speaking not to his readers, but to God: "You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you." The rest of the book is an exploration of this restlessness that leads Augustine through a series of reflections on the nature of sin, justice, election and above all, love and friendship. Join us as we explore along with Augustine the path that leads from confession of sin to confession of faith to the confession of God's glory.