Boiler Room Prayer

At Christ Community, we believe prayer is an essential part of our lives as individuals and as a church. Prayer is the place where we experience and express intimacy with God. It is also the place from which we derive power for life and ministry. Charles Spurgeon, a 19th century English preacher, referred to the prayer gatherings of his church as the "boiler room." In Spurgeon's time, boiler rooms were the powerhouses, the driving forces of everything. He believed that prayer was the spiritual power behind the effectiveness of ministry at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. At Christ Community, we long to see God come in power in our gathered worship, and believe He delights to do so in answer to the prayers of His people. That is why we are excited about our "boiler room" ministry of prayer at Christ Community. You are invited to be on one of our Boiler Room teams gathering during our worship to pray for God's blessing and power. Sign up  by clicking HERE.