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  • Kids Equip - please register your children ages 4 mo. - 5th Grade

    Join us for a purposeful interactive hour each Sunday at 9 am! With a fresh blend of playful learning techniques and rote memorization, kids will recite the New City Catechism, memorize a passage of scripture, pray with their small group, and sing in Kids Choir. Our trained teachers will be a huge blessing to your kids and to you! Please be sure to sign up your kids at the provided link.

  • Teens, Culture, and Faith (no registration required)

    Teens, Culture, and Faith aims to engage teenagers with issues relevant to their biggest questions, struggles, and concerns. Our goal is to go deeper in seeing how Jesus Christ, and his life, death, and resurrection apply to particular issues of daily teen life. This year we'll be discussing comparative religions to see the uniqueness of Christ and His claims. Our class seeks to make mature disciples by providing students with a solid foundation of confidence in scripture's ability to speak to the most challenging and pressing issues of day to day life.

  • Big Promises, Huge Implications: Covenant Theology and Our Covenant Keeping God

    Teachers: Brent Huber, Jason Elmore

    With popular figures publicly rejecting the faith, heretical teaching going unchallenged, and individualism eroding basic functions of the church, sound doctrine is needed. In this class, we will study covenant theology, a theological distinctive of CCC and the Presbyterian Church of America. Of what relevance is the Old Testament and why? What covenant has God made and with whom? What do His promises mean for us, our marriages, families, church and government? Join us and find out!

  • The Art of Parenting

    Teacher:  Stuart Fraley, Thomas Fraley, Tom & Nancy Jacobson

    In parenting, we are all on level ground...none of us do it perfectly. But God in His grace has given His word to help us build families that glorify Him. This 8-session, video-based study is designed not only to help parents find new ways to integrate faith into everyday parenting moments, but also to create an environment where moms and dads can shoulder burdens together, celebrate breakthroughs, and relate to one another's day-to-day parenting journey. In this Bible-based course, you'll hear from real parenting experts who have applied timeless principles to the highs and lows of parenting and have kept faith at the center of it all.  We also have the privilege of having a father/son team for experiential insights and anecdotes. This is an interactive course, so come prepared to ask questions, share successes and failure, and pray with one another as we seek to have healthy, Christ-centered families.

  • The Mission of the Church

    Teachers: Glenn Griffis, Scott Livermore

    The goal of this course is to help us understand Christ's mission for the church, especially as it relates to commands to build disciples, live justly, extend grace, love, and peace to our culture and society. Using Kevin DeYoung's What is the Mission of the Church as a guild, we will look at how we personally, familially, and corporately are called to advance the kingdom of God and how we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to responsibly serve Christ's mission in all our attitudes, and actions. Special attention will be given to social justice and cultural issues. It is our hope that each person will pursue discipleship as a goal of all their relationships and activities.

  • Engage Group Leadership

    Teachers: Dave Barfield

    If you are an Engage Group leader in any way (host, discussion leader, music leader, etc.) or if you are interested in being an Engage Group leader, then this class is for you. Engage Groups at Christ Community are designed to build intentional community while living on mission, so we need to see just what God's Word says about how to do these things. We'll cover topics from hospitality to neighborhoods, from weekly rhythms to the image of God. This material will stretch our thinking and our actions as we seek to minisiter to one another and to live on mission with one another. Plus, at the end of the class everyone will get a surprise gift! You won't want to miss it.