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  • Christians & Society: How the Bible Forms Our Relationship with Culture

    Teachers: Brian & Sarah Morgan Smith

    Room: Conference Room

    In this Class we will be discussing the various ways Christians interact with the culture around us. With various "wars" raging in politics, the arts, journalism, philosophy, and pop culture, our goal is to engage in a discussion of what it means to live out the cultural mandate from Genesis 1-2 in light of the reality of the resurrection. We will explore what it means to "seek the welfare of the city" while living as exiles (Jeremiah 29) looking forward to our true home in the Holy City (Revelation 21). Using Makoto Fujimura's idea of Culture Care alongside relevant Scripture and other short readings, we'll discuss everything from art to politics to pop culture. Come prepared to hear different perspectives and learn how Christians should live as a part of society.

  • God's Story, Our Story: A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament

    Teacher: Nicholas Piotrowski

    Room: Commons B

    Dr. Nicholas Pietrowski from Indianapolis Theological Seminary will be unfolding the pages of the Old Testament with an eye for understanding its structure and logic. Much of the material will cover the major themes of the OT (David, temple, covenant, etc.) and how they all lead to Christ and the Church. We'll also see how the various books of the OT fit and work together. By the end of this study, we hope everyone will more deeply appreciate the beauty of Scripture and the glory of God!

  • Empowered: Relational Evangelism in Everyday Life

    Teachers; Dave & Jess Barfield

    Room: Glass Room

    Using Becky Pippert's Empowered curriculum, we will look at ways to share our faith through the power of relationships. We'll also learn how to lead a seeker Bible discussion... a powerful tool that upends much of what we've learned about evangelism in the past As we strive to be Christ's messengers to the world around us, we will spend time looking into God's word, encouraging one another in the journey, and praying over lost friends and family.

  • Nano Church: Accountable, Intercessional, Missional (A.I.M.)

    Teachers: Dan Hindman, Cayla Ashkar

    Room: Commons C

    In this class, we will discuss A.I.M., the third prong of CCC's Vision to reach our community with "Greater Love, Greater Works, and Greater Things." We will find how small "nano" groups of two or three people can help in our personal mission to share the gospel in word and deed. Topics include... What is gospel accountability? How can I keep my prayer mission-focused? Why should I (and how can I) join Jesus in his mission? Come join us as we deep dive into Gospel-Centered relationships!